Hughes bows out of race

Aug. 05, 2014 @ 11:51 AM

Former county commissioner Anthony Scott Hughes is no longer running against Tommy Hester as a candidate to represent district seven in Vance County.

“After giving serious thought to the issue of running for commissioner in the general election, I’ve decided to withdraw my candidacy,” he wrote in an email. “I have some things that I wanted to do for Vance County during my term as commissioner that I wasn’t able to get to before the end of my term, and I know that I have more good ideas that would be beneficial to our county. However, I don’t believe that this is the best time for me to be running for commissioner.”

Hester is now running unopposed to keep his seat.

In the November general election, only Sheriff Peter White and Register of Deeds Carolyn R. Pecora will face competition.

Hughes, who goes by his middle name, was charged July 22 with felony larceny of chose in action, felony possession of stolen goods and property, felony forgery of endorsement, and felony uttering a forged endorsement.

Hughes, who was a commissioner from 2006 to 2010, is scheduled to appear in Granville County District Court on Aug. 27.

“I will reevaluate my position on running prior to the 2018 election and take it from there,” he wrote. “If I believe that it’s the right time and there is nothing going on in my personal life that could interfere with me being a commissioner, I will file.”

Hughes was charged with felony possession of heroin in 2011.

He is scheduled to appear in court for that charge Aug. 14.

“I’m only 39 and, hopefully, have a few good years left, so I’m not in a hurry,” he wrote. “I love Vance County. I enjoyed representing district seven as a commissioner from 2006-2010 and believe that I was able to make a difference. But I believe that position is important, and I wouldn’t want to take on the responsibility again if there is any chance of something hindering me from doing my job as a commissioner.”



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