Commissioners to talk water

Aug. 02, 2014 @ 04:21 PM

The Vance County Board of Commissioners could spend a lot of time on the water project Monday.

The water planning committee will ask the board to deny two requests from customers, who pleaded sickness and bankruptcy, wishing to be freed from their water bill obligations.

The board’s water planning committee met Wednesday to review the requests and decided granting them would set a precedent.

“We would open up a can of worms,” commissioner Dan Brummitt said.

Commissioners also are scheduled to discuss issues with collecting payments from customers who signed up for access to water but have not started using it.

At a committee meeting at the end of June, Envirolink project manager J.P. McCann said more than half of the customers’ accounts were late.

During the committee meeting Thursday, he said he would bring a complete list of past-due accounts and incorrect addresses for the board to review Monday.

Also during the meeting, the committee will bring their decision to keep the base fee for water at $30 — a potential revenue stream of about $117,000 more for the county — despite Chairman Deborah Brown’s request for reconsideration.

The board will also:

• Discuss the incorrectly placed pipeline on Rock Mill Road, which Brummitt said could cost the county money if its replacement causes damage to the roads in the future, and muddy construction on Stewart Farm Road where pipes were left exposed.

• Start thinking about legislative efforts for January 2015 North Carolina General Assembly session. County Manager Jerry Ayscue said the board must establish a committee to draft and submit issues for lobbying to the North Carolina Association of County Commissioners by Sept. 19.

• Consider bids for property located at 777 Parkway Drive and 306 Main St.

• Conduct a hearing and consider adoption of the Aycock Recreation Center comprehensive plan recently completed by Kerr-Tar Regional Council of Governments.

• Conduct appointments with county employees for program updates.

• Consider changing its September meeting to accommodate for the Labor Day holiday.


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