Students, options drawing concerns

Mar. 08, 2013 @ 05:50 PM

Vance County’s Board of Education meeting will begin Monday night with comments from the public.

Ruben and Martha Gregory of 414 Charles Street are expected to approach the board regarding concerns of coaches and other school administration not helping athletes that have the grades to go to college.

Items up for approval from the board will be presented by the personnel committee, including recommendations for employment resignations, retirements, leaves of absence, transfers and promotions.

Included in the employment recommendations is Greg Prentice, who received board approval in February to replace Alice Hinson this spring as the new girls soccer coach at Eaton-Johnson Middle School.

Christine Powell, a teacher of exceptional children at Clarke Elementary School, will resign on March 21 and Wilbur Pender, a math teacher at Northern Vance, retired effective on March 6.

The finance committee did not meet during the month of February. They will present the board with their preliminary review of budget amendments made to the state public school fund, local current expense fund, federal grants fund and the other restricted fund.

Budget amendments will be up for approval from the board, along with the adoption of the budget calendar for the fiscal year 2013-2014.

As the building and grounds committee prepares for construction to begin on two science labs at Northern Vance High School, they are taking in to consideration requests from Justyn Phelps, science teacher at Northern Vance.

Phelps is requesting a wireless projector for her classroom in lieu of a smart board. She also needs new student tables in the classroom to offer electricity for laptops and microscopes.

Both options are currently being explored by the board at her request.

The policy committee will introduce several changes to policy and procedures being implemented at the request of the Department of Public Instruction.

Suggestions from DPI include the use of data received at school levels to assist students in effective tutorial strategies focused on aiding their progression where improvement is needed.

As part of the Healthy Youth Act, passed in 2009 by the N.C. General Assembly, a new Competitive Abstinence Education Grant Program will be taught to ninth-graders at Southern Vance beginning with the 2013-2014 school year.

Through various activities, the program teaches students about goal setting, making informed decisions, the consequences of teen pregnancy and positive qualities to look for in a person.

Students must have parental consent to participate.

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