Winter weather affecting travel in Vance County

Jan. 25, 2013 @ 05:04 PM

The N.C. Department of Transportation released the following statement:

A wintry mix of freezing rain, sleet and snow is causing icy and hazardous travel conditions on roads across the state, and road conditions are expected to worsen overnight as temperatures drop. The N.C. Department of Transportation urges motorists to use extreme caution and avoid driving if possible.

Slick spots are being reported on both primary and secondary routes. Rain fell first in some areas, diluting the brine crews spread on the roads and creating extremely icy conditions. Crews across the state are continuing to spread salt and sand on the roads.

Overnight, temperatures in many areas of the state will become low enough that the effectiveness of the salt will be limited. Because of this, crews will transition to treating hot spots with a sand and salt mixture and remain on standby monitoring road conditions. Crews will begin treating roads with salt early in the morning as temperatures rise.

NCDOT is strongly urging that motorists avoid driving overnight due to conditions that could potentially become very hazardous. Road conditions will begin to improve tomorrow morning as temperatures rise and salt can work effectively.

If you must drive on icy roads, remember these tips:

Slow down.
Give other motorists plenty of room in case you or the other drivers begin to slide.
Use only gentle pressure on both the accelerator and the brakes to avoid skidding.
Bridges and overpasses freeze first.
Put away the cellphone!

Check conditions before you go.