Jobless rate goes up to 12.5

Jan. 03, 2013 @ 07:13 PM

Statistics on the labor market in the Tri-County area for the month of November didn’t get the new year off to a good start Thursday.

And Vance, Granville and Warren counties weren’t alone.

Rates rose in 81 counties in November as compared to the previous month. Vance County has 12.5 percent of its work force without jobs, the equivalent of 2,455 individuals, or 70 more than in October.

Vance, announced at 12.2 percent unemployment in October, had an adjusted rate of 12.3 for October in the N.C. Department of Commerce’s latest analytical statement.

Granville County’s rate climbed slightly to 9.2 percent. Warren County was also higher at 11.5 percent.

North Carolina’s overall rate of 9.1 percent in November was an improvement with nearly 35,000 new jobs added. The national rate in November was 7.7 percent.

Vance is ranked 94th among the state’s 100 counties. Granville’s rate is better than 55 other counties. Only 15 counties are worse than Warren.

The news for Vance County interrupted what had been a favorable trend in increases in the labor force and the number of those employed.

Rates also worsened in 11 of 14 Metropolitan Statistical Areas.


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