Next best thing to being there

Nov. 20, 2013 @ 08:47 PM

Braelyn Polk believes choosing a college is akin to having a sense of style.

“Just like everyone has an individual style, different people belong at different schools,” said Polk, a student at Vance-Granville Community College.

Polk, along with about 50 of her peers, circulated through the college fair at the college’s main campus Wednesday afternoon where roughly a dozen local four-year colleges and universities were represented.

“I really enjoy college fairs because they expose you to what else is out there,” she said. “It’s cool to see all the different college environments out there.”

For Polk and her friend Hailey Andrick, the community college is a stepping stone to a four-year college and a bachelor’s degree.

Andrick, who is working on her associate’s degree in art, said she wants to transfer to Meredith College, where she hopes to major in psychology and religion.

“I’ve been looking at an all-girls school and I didn’t realize how broad Meredith College is,” said Andrick, who chatted with a Meredith admissions representative at Wednesday’s fair.

“I learned that a lot of girls there are going for the same reason as I am,” she said. “I got her card and she is going to send me more information about the school.”

Among the colleges represented were Western Carolina University, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, East Carolina University, N.C. State University and N.C. A&T University. Others that accept a large percentage of community college transfer students every year were also represented.

Trellina Crews, a Vance County Early College High School student, said she came to the fair to check out schools that offer nutrition and counseling programs, which she intends to pursue after graduation.

“It’s nice to talk to people who are actually from the school because you get a feel for what those places are really like,” she said.

Crews is applying to schools all over the state, including UNC Greensboro where she visited through a class field trip.

But she doesn’t have the luxury of traveling to visit all the schools where she will apply.

The college fair is the next best thing to an actual visit, she said.

“You can talk to people directly, get a first-hand account and receive informational materials that answer a lot of questions,” she said.

Lee Powell III, a culinary arts student, said the representative from N.C. State didn’t have much information about the anthropology program, which he is interested in pursuing as a transfer student.

“He couldn’t tell me what I needed to know, but he gave me brochures and directed me where to find the information, so it was still helpful,” Powell said.


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