Company owned by Granville native receives honor

Jan. 25, 2013 @ 06:42 PM

Advertising agency R.F. Timberlake and Company, Inc., owned by Granville County native Frank Timberlake, recently received a National Graphic Design Award.

The award was given for a newspaper/Internet ad done for Les Merritt, a Certified Public Accounting and Certified Financial Planning firm.

Merritt is a former state auditor and Council of State member.

Timberlake, president of the company, grew up in northern Granville County, where he attended school at J.F. Webb. Currently, he is an activist for Kerr Lake, and founded the Kerr Lake Park Watch in 2010.

For Timberlake, who has been developing ads for Les Merritt for 23 years, the challenge was to come up with something new and creative.

“One of the challenges in promoting a professional service is there’s not really a coupon, not really a sense of urgency, so you have to do something really, really thought provoking to get people to notice the ad, and then to delve into it,” Timberlake said. “A strong headline statement or slogan, and then the body copy to motivate and back them up.”

The leader of the project’s creative team is Erik Macenas, who in a prepared statement described the process of developing the ad.

“Having put together the corporate identity package just prior to the ad development, we were looking to tie the new logo and slogan to the more urgent sales message,” Macenas said. “We put the kid with the abacus into the ad with the logo overlay and away it went.”

For Timberlake, the National Graphic Design Award was confirmation that his ad did what he intended it to.

“What it did for the client, it did what we intended it to,” Timberlake said. “In our case we try to effect behavioral change by clever thought provoking ads.

“That is the basis of who we are.”


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