Finalization of Henderson city budget expected to be delayed

Apr. 20, 2013 @ 02:31 PM

The City of Henderson’s budget draft will be available just a little later than expected, according to Ray Griffin.

On Monday, the city manager will present an adjusted schedule for budget work sessions, with a public hearing on fiscal year 2014 spending priorities slated for June 10.

The Henderson City Council will first see the administrative draft budget in the form of a recommendation to council at a special called meeting May 30, kicking off three work sessions on spending priorities on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday of the first week in June.

Work sessions are scheduled to take place June 11 and 13 after the public hearing, and continue on an as-needed basis June 17 and 18. A June 24 date is scheduled for adoption of the budget for the fiscal year 2014 that actually starts July 1.

Griffin said that a personal illness kept him from critical phases of budget work last week.

“We need a little more time to get the budget prepared,” Griffin said.

The only other item on the agenda for the council’s regular meeting that starts at 6 p.m., Monday, is consideration of a recommended plan for the demolition of 207 W. Andrews Ave.

A proposal for council members to view includes photographs with signs of frequent use by vagrants noted. The concern expressed in a memo authorized by Griffin is that conditions are worsening in the direction of greater fire hazards and other dangers.

The property is listed as under the ownership of Matthew L. Russell, who according to Griffin has been officially put on public notice of the plan, and other code enforcement protocols have been followed.

Following regular business, the council is scheduled to receive a proposal for development of a master plan for the Henderson Parks and Recreation Department.

The proposal for creating a master plan document will include department program overviews, usage statistics and points to support the importance of having the master planning work done, including links to sought-for grant funding opportunities.


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