Charges against Granville County teacher dismissed

Sep. 04, 2013 @ 08:54 PM

Prosecutors in Franklin County have dropped charges against a Henderson man based on lack of evidence in a 12-felony heroin trafficking case.

District Attorney Sam Currin said on Wednesday that a plea by another defendant in the heroin trafficking conspiracy case was based on good evidence, but there was no physical evidence against Anthony Wayne Coghill, 41, who is also a teacher in Granville County.

Currin said that the warrant for arrest against Coghill stood on potential testimony by Roger House, 65, who on Aug. 29 accepted a plea deal of guilt on one count of maintaining a dwelling for heroin or opium trafficking.

“The reason for dismissal was that although the case against Roger House was good, there was a lack of evidence as to Coghill,” Currin said. “That was our estimation.”

According to Currin, his office weighed the issue of probable cause, and reversed their warrant based on House’s testimony having a lack of credibility standing alone.

“Usually we have some physical evidence to back that up, but in this case, there is none,” Currin said. “We don’t have any physical evidence.”

Local authorities reported Coghill’s arrest in February, included among three others arrested or wanted.

Coghill had been charged with trafficking opium or heroin to Allison Hunt Carpenter, 42, of Henderson.

Court records in Franklin County list a case with 15 felony charges, including seven charges of conspiracy to traffic in opium or heroin, as active against Carpenter. She is scheduled to appear for a Superior Court hearing on Sept. 16.

House received an 18-month suspended sentence along with probation.

The investigation into the trafficking charges included a sting operation by the State Bureau of Investigation together with deputies from Franklin and Granville counties.

Coghill said the charges were a hindrance to his work with at-risk youth in Granville County, and he would like to be able to continue that work without a cloud of suspicion over him.

A fourth named suspect named as arrested in the case does not appear on state prison records or pending cases with Franklin County.

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