Pump station recommended for project

Sep. 03, 2013 @ 08:43 PM

A water tank problem in phase one of the Vance County water project could cost the county as much as $100,000.

In their meeting Tuesday night, Vance County commissioners were advised by Rob Bernard the water tank in phase 1A is not filling. Bernard, the project director, recommended the county install a pump station.

“There is not enough pressure in the main supply line to fill the tank entirely,” Bernard said.

Water from the main supply line flows to the water tank that serves phase 1A, which contains Sandy Creek Township.

As the water flows through the supply line, there is friction loss that degrades the pressure from the main water supply to the water tank.

“From our connection point to the tank, there is pressure loss due to friction, so we are not able to fill the tank,” Bernard said.

Bernard said the pump station could cost between $25,000 and $50,000, but the total installation costs would be higher.

Chairman Tommy Hester expressed concern that residents will have to wait longer for water as a result of the water tank problem.

But Bernard said residents in phase 1A shouldn’t be affected by this setback.

“Water can bypass the tank and flow directly to customers,” Bernard said.

In phase 1A, Bernard needs to complete engineer’s certification for two water line contracts and the water tank contract.

“We can get approval for the water line portion of the contract and start serving customers,” Bernard said, adding the pump station could take three to six months.

County residents in phase 1A might have water from their taps in October, but it could be later.

He said the tank is needed for emergencies when there is excessive demand and fire protection.

Bernard announced to the board that he will be leaving Hobbs Upchurch & Associates at the end of the week, and David Townsend, former Public Works Director in Randolph County, will be taking his place.


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