Granville seeking bids on Social Services building

Jan. 09, 2013 @ 08:22 PM

OXFORD – In their regular meeting on Monday night, the Granville County commissioners cleared the way to redesign the county’s Orange Street building to accommodate its future tenant, the Department of Social Services.

After hearing a report by Stephen Baxter of Baxter Armistead Architecture on plans and schedules for the project, they authorized the county manager to advertise a request for contractors to submit bids for the project.

Turning to other business, the board approved the issuance of $20.5 million in county general obligation bonds to refinance bonds issued in 2005. The new bonds will be financed at an anticipated rate of 1.79 percent. Because the original bonds were financed at 4 percent to 4.25 percent, the reduced interest rate could save the county approximately $1.4 million.

The commissioners closed out the municipal solid waste landfill construction project, which has been completed and is pending final state approval. The project ran 44 days beyond the Nov. 4, 2012, completion deadline. The board waived liquidation damages of $1,000 per day, as recommended by the solid waste director and the development services director, who said the county has not been financially impacted by the short delay.

The board approved a leachate disposal agreement, which provides for the city of Oxford to accept and treat leachate from the county’s solid waste landfill. The agreement allows for the disposal of up to 35,000 gallons of leachate per day. The city approved the agreement at its Dec. 11, 2012, meeting.

In a related action, the commissioners approved a contract with Granville Farms, Inc., to transport the leachate from the landfill to the Oxford wastewater treatment plant. The cost of $0.0194 per gallon submitted by Granville Farms was the lowest of three bids received.

The Granville County Boys & Girls Club will receive 11 surplus computers from the county. The commissioners declared them surplus and authorized their transfer to the club.

In the portion of the meeting reserved for board members’ presentations, the commissioners heard a motion by Commissioner Ed Mims to authorize the county manager and veterans service officer to gather information on the possibility of establishing a Veterans Affairs Committee for the county. After a short discussion, the commissioners voted to approve the motion.

To improve safety for traffic and pedestrians, the commissioners approved awarding a contract to Tommy Lawrence Electric to purchase and install two light poles and fixtures at the Highway 15 entrance and rear parking area of the Granville County Expo and Convention Center for a cost of $6,931. Tommy Lawrence Electric submitted the lowest of three bids received. Funds will come from the Expo and Convention Center budget.

The board approved a multi-year contract with Robert S. Segal to prepare the county’s State Criminal Alien Assistance Program application.

The commissioners approved the purchase of a Ford truck for the solid waste director at a cost of $18,274. Funds for the purchase are included in the 2012-2013 budget and will come from the solid waste enterprise fund, not general tax dollars. The director’s current vehicle will be transferred to the Soil and Water Department.

The commissioners made the following appointments:

• Orange Street Community Center: Juanita Rogers.

• Senior Services Advisory Committee: Bobbie Wilson and Wilma Moore.

• Nursing Home Community Advisory Committee: Sarah Mayfield and LaVonne Wilkerson.

• Board of Trustees of the Granville County Library System: Martha E. Morton and William D. Pittard.

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