Undercover operation leads to arrest of father, son

Jun. 18, 2013 @ 04:55 PM

Jason Lamont Gill, who pleaded guilty to murder in 1992 and has been in and out of the legal system since getting out of jail, is facing charges alongside his father, 70-year-old Richard Gill Sr.

Both men were arrested last week by Vance County sheriff’s deputies after a search warrant was executed at their 1012 Standish Street home in Henderson.

Jason Gill, 39, is charged on counts of cocaine possession and maintaining a place for drug trafficking. Richard Gill, 70, is charged on a count of non-taxed alcoholic beverage possession for sale.

According to investigative notes that are part of the search warrant documentation, complaint calls to the sheriff’s office about disruptive or suspicious activities at the Gill residence prompted an the investigation.

According to detectives, the investigation in May included two monitored undercover drug purchases in which Richard Gill Sr. furnished illegal drugs while two of his sons, including Jason Gill, were present.

The current charges stem from evidence found at the scene when detectives searched the residence, but the search warrant document notes that evidence from the controlled buys has also been kept pending additional charges.

Detectives seized four gallons of non-taxed liquor and 20 milligrams of crack cocaine along with items identified as having possible drug uses.

Jason Gill received a $10,000 bond pending a hearing in Vance County District Court scheduled for July 16, and court records indicate he arranged for his release from custody. He was not placed in the Vance County Jail.

Richard Gill Sr., received a $500 bond release pending a court hearing also set for July 16.

Jason Gill was charged in the April 13, 1992, murder of John J. Snead. He pleaded guilty to robbery and murder charges on Aug. 25, 1992, in a deal that consolidated up to 50 years of prison consequence down to a 20-year term. He served less than seven years, according to state prison records.

Prison records and court documents indicate Jason Gill was arrested again on robbery and kidnapping charges stemming from an April 14, 2000, incident. A plea deal reduced that case to one conviction on a lesser common-law robbery count.

After serving a year for that conviction, he was charged with a Nov. 3, 2001, felony break-in. He was convicted on June 27, 2002, serving the up to 11 months, through his Oct. 6, 2002, release.

Nine more criminal convictions and three additional prison terms are in Jason Gill’s record through his release on Sept. 3, 2010. Included is a felony assault conviction stemming from a May 8, 2008, incident.

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