Former commissioner’s arrest sought by court

Mar. 28, 2013 @ 05:29 PM

Court officials issued an order for arrest against former Vance County Commissioner Anthony Scott Hughes Tuesday for not showing up in District Court on a heroin possession charge from 2011.

The order for arrest placed in the heroin charge file in the Vance County Court Clerk’s Office records a $10,000 bond order for the case and a court date set for April 29.

The case against Hughes has been delayed repeatedly since a July 20, 2011, traffic stop by Vance County sheriff’s deputies who charged him after they said they found heroin in his car.

Hughes, soon after arrest on the heroin charge, said there were a number of other people in his car, and indicated the heroin was not his.

Continuances have been granted as the result of court officials being double-booked on hearings elsewhere.

In comments made about a year ago, Hughes said his attorney David Waters was repeatedly in Superior Court on dates his case had a hearing scheduled in District Court.

Hughes, 37, of 309 Yowland Road, Henderson, had been free on $5,000 bond set for the heroin charge, down from a $10,000 original bond amount.

He was served in August for failure to appear in an unrelated traffic infraction, making a $500 bond for release.

There is no arrest report or record of whether Hughes has been served or bonded on the arrest order issued on Tuesday.

His tentatively scheduled hearing April 29 is for the failure to appear charge, with his heroin case showing no update to a March 25 scheduled hearing, according to court records.

The maximum statutory penalty for the heroin possession charge is 15 months in prison.

Hughes served as a county commissioner from 2006-2010. He lost in the 2010 election to Tommy Hester.

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