No Need 2 Speed campaign active through Sunday

Mar. 26, 2013 @ 06:24 PM

With some students out of school for spring break, Easter holiday falling this Sunday, and warmer temperatures soon approaching, the travel season is entering full force.

The Governor’s Highway Safety Program has teamed up with law enforcement agencies across the state to step up enforcement as part of its No Need 2 Speed Campaign, active through Sunday.

Since 2006, the campaign has been taking place in early spring, sending law enforcement officers across the state out in full force to cite speeders.

“We usually choose this time of year because it’s when travel season normally starts,” said Tammy Stewart, communications officer at the N.C. DOT. “It’s around spring break, and Easter holiday, and so we just want people to slow down.”

During the No Need 2 Speed campaign in April 2012, state and local law enforcement agencies cited 13,435 motorists for speeding.

“All agencies are invited to participate, but we usually have 300 to 350 that participate across the state, and that can be sheriff’s offices or police departments,” Stewart said. “We won’t know who participated until the end when they report in.”

Officers will focus their efforts on all roads, including interstates, major highways, rural two-lane roads, and city streets across the state.

“They target all highways, major highways, rural roads, a lot will go by their crash data to target certain areas,” Stewart said.

According to the DOT, speeding related accidents in 2012 resulted in 399 fatalities.


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