No indictment for fatal shooting by Charlotte officer

Jan. 21, 2014 @ 06:51 PM

CHARLOTTE — A grand jury has declined to indict a Charlotte-Mecklenburg police officer on a voluntary manslaughter charge in the shooting death of a former Florida A&M football player.

Randall Kerrick was charged in the September death of Jonathan Ferrell, who was unarmed. The state Attorney General's office presented evidence to a grand jury Tuesday.

While the grand jury decided not to indict the officer on the voluntary manslaughter charge, it asked the prosecutor to submit a lesser charge.

The Attorney General's office issued a statement late Tuesday saying it would resubmit the case to a full grand jury after learning that the panel that heard the case Tuesday was less than a full panel.

It is unclear whether the attorney general would again seek voluntary manslaughter or a lesser charge.