Bonner Bridge loses a chunk of concrete

Sep. 17, 2013 @ 09:01 PM

NAGS HEAD — A chunk of concrete has fallen from a portion of the Bonner Bridge, a day after a judge approved plans for a parallel span to replace the only link between the Outer Banks and the North Carolina mainland.

N.C. Department of Transportation spokeswoman Jennifer Garifo said Tuesday that the concrete fell from a span south of the main Oregon Inlet navigation channel. There was no indication of when the concrete may have fallen from the bridge.

Beginning next Monday, work crews were scheduled to close a one-lane section of the bridge for at least a half-mile so a Maryland construction company can access the girders and underside of the bridge to make concrete repairs.

The department said crews will apply concrete patches to areas of the bridge to protect exposed steel. Those areas were identified for priority maintenance during the last regular two-year inspection of the bridge in 2012.

North Carolina has spent almost $56 million on repairs, maintenance and special inspections for the Bonner Bridge since 1990, according to DOT. The upcoming project costs $388,910, the department said.