Va. uranium mining supporters speak at briefing

Jan. 10, 2013 @ 01:27 PM

RICHMOND, Va. — Proponents of uranium mining in Virginia put on a show of support at the Capitol, busing in Southside residents who share their views.

The 70 or so residents were on hand Thursday as Sen. John Watkins introduced legislative supporters of his bid to end a decades-old moratorium on uranium mining. They include Democratic Sen. Richad Saslaw and another northern Virginia lawmaker, Republican Delegate Jackson Miller.

Watkins has proposed Senate legislation to establish regulations for uranium mining. Miller says he'll introduce similar legislation in the House of Delegates.

The legislation is needed so Virginia Uranium Inc. can mine the largest known deposit of uranium in the U.S., located in Pittsylvania County. The proposal has drawn fierce opposition.

But mining supporters say legislation would be strictly regulated and boost Southside's economy.