Only three undecideds remaining for Kerr-Tar council

May. 24, 2013 @ 04:46 PM

The Kerr-Tar Council of Governments has sent out invoices and, in its regularly scheduled board meeting Thursday, did not make any provisions for late decisions on its one-time special assessment.

Diane Cox, the interim executive director, said Friday the board is confident all 21 county and municipal governments will respond positively in a timely manner on the assessment. Thus far, three are still yet to make a decision and 18 have agreed, albeit with eight doing so conditionally.

The eight conditions range from use of trust funds and escrow accounts to wording that agrees to pay contingent on all others paying.

Bunn and Norlina have it on agendas, respectively, for Tuesday; Macon moved the request from its May 7 meeting to June 4.

“There was no discussion,” Cox said of alternatives should all 21 not agree. “The board is confident we’ll have 100 percent approval of the assessment. The last municipality will be Macon on June 4. And if for some reason either Macon, Norlina or Bunn does not approve it, or tables it again, the board will discuss it at that point.”

The Economic Development Administration is seeking repayment of $138,537. The money was used by Kerr-Tar for programs other than the Revolving Loan Fund for which it was intended.

Kerr-Tar, in trying to regain the money and its footing to keep the program going, requested each of its members to pay a per capita rate of $1.39, which would bring in $311,367. Kerr-Tar, which previously had used a single bank account that resulted in the problem, has also segregated EDA money among other accounting protocol changes.

“We don’t anticipate a problem,” Cox said. “Our discussion with the EDA was to have the assessment on the agenda in the month of May, with the understanding that it would take some time to get those checks in. We have alerted the EDA that there is one municipality that wouldn’t take it up until June 4. We haven’t gotten any response from EDA that that is not acceptable.”

Earlier this week, approvals were given by Franklin County, Person County, Franklinton, Louisburg and Stem. Franklin County is utilizing a trust fund similar to Granville County.

Bunn took the matter up Monday, but tabled it for eight days.

Checks from Warrenton and Kittrell have already been received. Cox was directed by the board to invoice the entities that have given approval.

“There was also included in the invoice an updated list of all of the county municipalities and their votes thus far,” Cox said.

In other matters before the board, a budget for 2013-14 was presented and approved, and the board approved changing auditors.

The Raleigh firm of Cherry Bekaert & Holland was chosen from among three proposals and given a three-year contract.

“They do have experience auditing councils of governments, and lots of experience auditing local governments and public authorities,” Cox said.

A presentation on the conclusion of the Senior Games and funds raised to support it was also made.


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