Pride, diligence lead to being an ambassador

Dec. 07, 2012 @ 05:34 PM

Larry Bobbit, a Henderson resident and 13-year employee at the Oxford McDonald’s, has recently received the prestigious award of five-star employee ambassador.

Bobbit was selected from hundreds of nominees from North and South Carolina restaurants to receive the recognition.

When Bobbit began work at McDonald’s he was 33 years old. Over time his work environment has begun to feel like home.

“It was the first fast food job I had held,” Bobbit said. “I just got used to the place and used to seeing everybody, every day.

“I have a lot of friends here.”

Lourdes Navarro, the store’s manager, believes Bobbit exemplifies the characteristics of five star service.

“He takes pride in what he does,” Navarro said. “Striving to always do better he always continues to learn and learn from mistakes.

“He is very reliable, having good social skills, and he can work well with everyone.”

Bobbit enjoys working under the management of Navarro.

“My general manager, she’s cool,” Bobbit said. “I’ve been working for her for six years.”

Employees are chosen based on their qualities and dedication that make them a true ambassador to their co-workers, customers and community.

Bobbit was recognized with a cash award, radio advertising and promotional materials at his restaurants.

“I got a picture of myself up in the store, and on the drive-through window,” said Bobbit, who is also pictured on all tray liners.

Presently Bobbit sees a promising future with McDonald’s, and has no plans of working anywhere else.

“I’m not planning on quitting any time soon,” Bobbit said. “We work, we get our job done, but we have fun, too.”

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