Store clerk shot to death just south of Oxford

Sep. 26, 2013 @ 05:56 PM

OXFORD — A 49-year-old convenience store clerk lost his life to a gunshot injury deputies say was the result of a Wednesday night robbery.

Musleh Mohamed Qayed was found shot to death at the Variety Mart located at 4195 U.S. 15 South. On Thursday, investigators were still working at the scene.

Granville County deputies received the call at around 9, and when arriving at the convenience store they found Qayed lying on the floor. He had died of a gunshot injury, according to Sheriff Brindell Wilkins.

Deputies reported the motive for the shooting appeared to be robbery.

Wilkins said his investigators are hoping anyone who saw any part of the incident or who may have further information can help with the investigation by calling his office at (919) 693-3213.

“It appears one shot was fired,” Wilkins said. It was moments later when, Wilkins said, “A customer came in, saw him there and called us.”

According to Wilkins, his deputies and investigators were going door-to-door along U.S. 15 and through a trailer park is across the street from the convenience store in search of any information about the timeframe of the incident.

“We are going door-to-door interviewing in hopes that someone saw something,” Wilkins said. “So far, we know this happened between 8:45 and 8:55. We have it narrowed down to that 10 minutes. I wish we knew a lot more, but it helps to know that much.”

Wilkins said he and his team are carefully and diligently gathering information and following up on any leads. He added further information from a potential witness or any informants could help investigators find who is responsible for the incident.

“We are working hard, and we’ll keep working at it until we get them,” Wilkins said.

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