Improvement recommended for four school buildings

Dec. 17, 2012 @ 08:36 PM

Two major renovation projects are in the works at four schools in Vance County, with construction work slated to begin as early as spring of 2013.

Northern Vance will be receiving much needed renovations to their 50-year-old science labs, and three elementary schools are getting new roofs.

A recent report to the Vance County board of education’s building and grounds committee from Height and Associates estimates total costs of renovating six science rooms at Northern Vance at about $348,000.

The report will be presented to the board during the January meeting.

“They’re going to make some of the old rooms into two multipurpose labs,” said Ruth Hartness, chairwoman of the building and grounds committee. “Then several of the rooms will have minor renovations, one room needs no work at all.”

Claiborne Woods, facility director at Vance County Schools, believes given the ability to move kids around and create availability in designated labs at Northern Vance, it’s feasible for construction to begin in the spring.

“We could conceivably start doing some stuff in the spring of next year, to get a jump on the project,” Woods said. “It’s up in the air right now.”

Approval to bid the lab renovation project will be presented to the board during January’s meeting.

“Once that project is bid we’ve got to go through the approval process,” Woods said. “It could take a two-month process to be able to authorize a contractor to go to work.”

Another major project is on the horizon for Aycock, Dabney and Zeb Vance elementary schools. All three schools will receive new roofs as early as March of 2013.

“All three are being completely re-roofed,” Woods said. “It’s a Thermo-Plastic Olefin (TPO) membrane roof system.”

Gupton Services, Inc. was awarded approval for its bid of $976,400 to replace the three roofs during December’s meeting of the Vance County Board of Education.

“This will be going to the county commissioner board in January,” Woods said. “It’s likely that that work would start probably in March.”

Vance County Schools is a school district that operates more than 15 elementary, middle and high schools.

While major renovations are in the works at local schools, keeping up with maintenance at all schools is done on a regular basis.

“We have work in pretty much every school, every month,” said Woods, who provides the school board and upper management with a regular update on maintenance and repair work going on at all schools in the county.

“Basically, what we try to do with that report, is to give the board and senior administration an overview of what’s going on,” Woods said. “If I reported 14 broken windows, obviously that’s worthy of the board knowing about.”

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