Remembered and appreciated with flowers

Oct. 23, 2013 @ 09:27 PM

There are fresh cut flowers on the Perry grave.


On Monday, a fresh arrangement of flowers stood against the large gravestone marking the Perry family plot in Elmwood Cemetery.

But they weren’t the first flowers that have shown up. They replaced an arrangement that was battered by the rain last week.

Above the flowers, the letters P-E-R-R-Y stand out in relief from the face of the gravestone.

In the foreground are the graves of the four family members interred there.

There is the grave of H. Leslie Perry, the first to die at an early age.

On one side of his grave are the markers for his parents, Col. Henry Perry and Jane Hall Perry.

On the other side is the grave of his wife, his widow, Flora McKinnon Perry, the last to go. She rested there for 30 years without a headstone until the staff of Perry Memorial Library and the Friends of the Library raised the money to have one installed last month by Hight Tombstone Company.

In a way, that act represented repayment for the Perry family’s role in establishing Perry Memorial Library after H. Leslie Perry’s death in 1923.

Shortly after Flora McKinnon Perry’s headstone was placed in the family plot, the flowers began appearing.

Seemingly forgotten for 30 years, she as well as her husband and in-laws are being remembered by someone.

That remembrance takes the form of a fresh floral arrangement placed at the grave site every few days.


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