Family member charged in fatal shooting

Jan. 02, 2013 @ 05:14 PM

An altercation between cousins on Tuscarora Road near the Halifax County line Sunday morning concluded in fatal gunfire, according to Warren County Sheriff Johnny Williams.

Williams said Stanley Richardson Jr., 38, of 259 Tuscarora Road, Warrrenton, shot Edward Richardson, 42, of 255 Tuscarora Road, and Edward Richardson died from one or more gunshot injuries.

Williams said there were witnesses at the scene who described more than one shot being fired.

“My understanding is that he shot more than once,” Williams said. “There was more than one shell casing found at the scene.”

Williams said he could not respond to questions about whether or not both men were armed or if more than one gun was used during the incident.

“This is an ongoing investigation,” Williams said. “This arose out of an argument between the two.”

According to Williams, the incident occurred at around 11:10 a.m., Sunday, when the call came to sheriff’s deputies to respond to the scene.

Williams said that his office had planned to consult with the office of District Attorney Sam Currin about pending charges on Wednesday. Another murder in Warren County forced postponement of that meeting.

“There are no charges at this time,” Williams said.

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