Last week’s winners officially confirmed across Tri-County

Nov. 13, 2013 @ 08:30 PM

Some numbers changed when municipal election results for the Tri-County area were canvassed on Tuesday, but all outcomes remained the same.

Granville and Warren counties had small changes following the canvass.

Faye Gill, elections director in Vance County, reported said vote totals in Middleburg and Kittrell were unchanged by the canvass.

Middleburg Mayor Ray Bullock’s Election Day total of 37 votes remained the same after the canvass, as did the single vote received by challenger Dean Dickerson.

Official totals in the race for three commissioners’ seats give Annie Fudge 33 votes, Ruth Nance 27 and Gary Plummer 33. Challenger Dusty Herring received 10.

The canvass confirmed the 20 votes received by Kittrell Mayor Jerry Joyner. He was unopposed. There was one write-in vote.

In the commissioners’ race, Jason Green and Susan Pulley each received 21 votes while Betsy Simpson received 19 votes.

In the election for Oxford mayor and four commissioners’ seats, four provisional ballots and one mailed ballot were added to the Election Day totals, according to Tonya Burnette, the Granville elections director. Jackie Sergent gained three votes in the mayoral race. Jim Crawford and Howard Herring Sr. gained one each. The official totals are Sergent 911, Crawford 596 and Herring 350.

Official totals in the race for four commissioners’ seats were changed by one to four votes, but there were no changes in the winners. Official totals for the four winners are Quon Bridges 1,366, C.J. Harris 1,029, Danny Currin 923 and Patricia Fields 886. Harris and Currin are incumbents.

The totals for the rest of the field were Ron Bullock 816, Eddie McCoy 812 and Eddie Dalton 349.

The canvass produced no changes in the Stovall election, Burnette said, where all of the candidates were unopposed. Janet Parrott received all of the 63 votes cast for mayor. Commissioners Tim Davidson and Marshall Roberts received 53 and 50 votes, respectively, and there were two write-in votes.

In Warren County, the canvass confirmed Walter M. Gardner Jr.’s 171-93 victory over challenger Tim Ennis in the race for Warrenton mayor.

Official totals for three town commissioners’ seats are Mary Hunter 167, Kimberly Rae Harding 135 and Tom Hardy 124. The others’ totals were Jana Miller 104, E.T. Malone Jr. 66, Deborah Speer 65, Robert Schuerch 48 and Selena Mooring 15.

In Norlina, Debby Formyduval, the Warren elections director, said two provisional ballots were added. Mayor Dwight Pearce’s margin over challenger Ricky Davis changed to 159-51.

Official totals for candidates for commissioner seats are Wayne Aycock 160, Scooter Edwards 154, James Overby 140, Lou Stultz 117 and Bill Harris 104. All are incumbents except Aycock. The other totals were Dorsey Capps, 92 votes, and Sonny Peoples 84.

Official results for Macon produced no change in the mayor’s race. Rob Evans was re-elected with 29 votes. There was one write-in vote.

The canvass corrected two errors made in tallying votes for the Macon commissioners. The official totals give Glenn Riggan 29 votes, David Harris 26, Joanne Reese 26, Wanda Thompson 25 and Benny Hilliard 23. There were three write-in votes.