No decision from DA on charges in Henderson intruder death

Dec. 18, 2012 @ 04:37 PM

OXFORD — A decision is pending on whether a Henderson homeowner who on Sunday shot and killed an apparent intruder will face any charges, District Attorney Sam Currin said Tuesday.

Currin said an investigation continues into the shooting death of Deyon Durham, a 24-year-old who according to police reports was at 1221 Montgomery Street Extension at 7 a.m. when confronted by the homeowner and shot dead.

The homeowner has not been identified.

In an incident report, Henderson Police Department Officer Wesley Strader stated a break-in attempt included breaking a passenger side window of a green 1999 Chevrolet truck with a brick as part of an effort to remove property.

Strader’s report excluded the name of the homeowner, identifying him only as a black male, age 49.

Currin said short of charges, there is no reason for law enforcement investigators to make the homeowner’s name public.

“We are trying to get information together on whether or not this person will be charged,” Currin said. “We know who it is, but until we make that decision there’s no reason to be identifying him.”

Currin added that he believes a decision is coming soon.

“We discussed it yesterday,” he said. “It will probably be before Christmas that we will make a decision.”

Currin said the release of victim and reporting persons names in incident reports is left to the local police agency’s discretion.

“It’s their investigation,” he said.

So far, Henderson police reports stated Durham, of 279 Faulkner St., was pronounced dead at the scene at just after 7 a.m, Sunday.

Lt. Christopher Ball declined to say if others were present at the time of the shooting or where the shooting took place on the property.

According to state incarceration records, Durham had been convicted of multiple break-in, larceny and sexual offenses in the past. He was recently jailed for failing to maintain current information on the sex offender registry.

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