Turning 12 on 12/12/12

Dec. 11, 2012 @ 07:53 PM

Today, on the 12th day of the 12th month of the year 2012, Henderson resident Tanner Seay is turning 12 years old.

Seay’s age, like millions of other babies born in 2000, will always be represented by the current year of the new millennium.

“He’s our little miracle,” said Fonda Seay, Tanner’s mother. “He was born on a sunny Tuesday at 4:20 in the afternoon at Durham Regional Hospital.

“I remember it distinctly.”

For his birthday, Tanner received an iPhone, his first cellphone — a gift not so out of the norm for a 12-year-old in 2012.

“I think I was 27 when I got my first cellphone,” said Fonda. “I know times have changed, but I drove up and down the road in college for years without a cellphone.”

Fonda says Tanner is a clone of his father David Seay, having his same looks, wit and humor. He plans to use his iPhone to spread laughter, and for emergencies.

“I’m going to send funny texts to daddy and momma,” Tanner said. “If something happens at school I can call momma.”

While Tanner was born encompassed in a world of technology, he doesn’t let cellphones, computer screens and video games keep him from the outdoors.

With Kerr Lake in his backyard, Tanner, a hunting enthusiast and extremely active kid, can be found doing any one of a dozen different activities at any given time.

• 1, Hunting. Tanner has killed two six-point bucks and two does.

Last year he shot an eight-point buck, and got his first experience bear hunting on a trip to West Virginia with his dad.

• 2, Kayaking. Tanner’s dog Lovey normally joins him for a kayak ride on the lake during the summer.

• 3, Golfing. “He’s even better at golf than his dad,” Fonda said, “But dad doesn’t mind.”

• 4, Playing chess. Tanner is involved in the chess club at Vance Charter. “It takes strategy,” he said. Last year Tanner received a trophy for placing third in a chess competition.

• 5, Shooting his bow and arrow. “I almost killed a deer last night with my Mathews Compound bow,” he said.

• 6, Mowing grass. Tanner’s parents encourage him to understand the value of a dollar. He works during the summer, mowing grass and watering neighbors’ plants when they’re out of town. “He’s good at saving his money,” Fonda said. “Then when he wants something he goes and gets it.”

• 7, Chopping wood. “This year I’m going to try to make some money off cutting wood,” Tanner said. “I’ve already got a pile.” Two weeks ago Tanner bought his first ax for $40.

• 8, Playing baseball. Tanner has been playing baseball since the first grade. He’s pitched and played infield, most recently for Dixie Youth in Oxford.

• 9, Snowboarding. “He did snowboarding for the first time this winter,” Fonda said. “He was great at it.” Success on the snowboard inspired Tanner to try wakeboarding for the first time this summer. It’s now one of his favorite water sports.

• 10, Wakeboarding. “I want to try to do a flip this year,” Tanner said. “I’m kind of afraid I’m going to land on my head. I’ve got to get a good helmet, something waterproof.”

• 11, Flying down a water slide. This weekend Tanner is going to the Great Wolf Lodge, an indoor water park with jaw dropping slides for thrill seekers. “I like going down the big slides, and down the black hole,” Tanner said. “It’s a ginormous slide where it’s completely dark. You can’t see and it goes straight down: left, right, it’s crazy. Me and my friends went down it screaming. It’s fun.”

• 12, Baking a dozen muffins. Last weekend, Tanner was up early making a dozen muffins for breakfast. “He set the clock and got up on his own, and made muffins,” Fonda said. Tanner also enjoys making homemade pizza, one of his favorite foods.

One thing Tanner will never be found doing is noodling with his bare hands.

“It’s when you go around the lake and stick your hands in holes,” Tanner said. “You try to catch catfishes with your hand.

“I don’t want to. I like my fingers.”

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