Macon decision on Kerr-Tar request not until June 4

May. 10, 2013 @ 06:29 PM

Progress in a solution to financial problems at the Kerr-Tar Regional Council of Governments was dealt another delay Tuesday.

The Macon Town Board tabled a request from Kerr-Tar for a one-time special assessment of $165. Mayor Rob Evans said the board felt more information was needed.

“We didn’t want to make a hasty decision,” Evans said.

A representative of the board will meet with personnel from the Kerr-Tar council to get more information, Evans said. The board will take up the matter again at its next regularly scheduled meeting June 4.

Evans indicated that at present there are no plans to take action before the end of May.

In his letter to each of the Kerr-Tar council’s constituent government entities, Brian Pfohl, chairman of the council’s board of directors, said the federal Economic Development Administration had set a May 31 deadline for repayment of the funds used inadvertently from a revolving loan fund. The repayment amount is $137,537, and the remainder of the request is being made to restore funds for current operations.

Each of the 21 county and municipal governments comprising Region K, the five counties of Vance, Warren, Granville, Person and Franklin, were asked to pay a per capita amount of $1.39 that would generate $311,367. The annual assessment was 48 cents for the last fiscal year.

Macon is the latest of the 21 entities that failed to give unconditional approval.

Vance County commissioners approved payment of $40,941 on condition that the other 20 Kerr-Tar council members paid their assessments. With a deadline this month and Macon not paying, that amount is now in jeopardy.

Granville County commissioners approved payment of $50,696, with a stipulation the money be placed in a trust fund pending other responses to Kerr-Tar’s request.

Like Macon, Warren County commissioners tabled their request. The commissioners did set a meeting for Wednesday, pending more information from the Kerr-Tar council. Warren County is being asked for $26,233.

Henderson ($21,362) and Warrenton ($1,198) are expected to take up the request at meetings on Monday night. Oxford ($11,761) and Stovall ($581) has requests on their respective agendas Tuesday.

Norlina ($1,554) also requested more information and has a called meeting for the matter on May 28.

Efforts to learn of a decision on a request of $185 from Middleburg have been unsuccessful.

Butner is believed to be the first community to act, giving unanimous approval for a payment of $10,551.

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