College trustees OK new degree

Mar. 20, 2013 @ 08:37 PM

A new associate degree to be offered at Vance-Granville Community College was given approval from the board of trustees Monday night, and will now require approval of the North Carolina Board of Community Colleges.

Presented by the curriculum committee, an applied science degree in General Occupational Technology, currently being offered by VGCC is under review to potentially be closed. An applied science degree in computer technology integration will be offered in the future, based on it's approval from the state board.

an associate in applied science degree in General Occupational Technology is not a new program, but rather a program currently being offered by Vance Granville Community College that is under review to be potentially closed.

The curriculum committee also received approval for a new course to be offered at Polk Correctional Institution, through the college’s Human Resources Development Department.

The new technology awareness course will teach inmates to use computers to search for jobs, create resumes and aid them in developing their employability skills.

Committee reports were also presented by the building committee, which provided updates on capital projects, and site planning for the main campus.

The budget committee’s recommendation to move money from the state equipment fund for use in capital improvements for the main campus was approved by the board.

Adoption of the 2013-2014 county current and capital outlay budgets also received approval from the board as presented by the budget committee. The action item is contingent upon approval by appropriate county commissioners in the college’s four-county area.

A report by Stelfanie Williams, president of the college, highlighted major events happening at the college since the board’s last meeting in January.

During the presentation Williams spoke of the college’s nursing program partnership with N.C. A&T University, which will allow graduates of VGCC to transition more easily into A&T’s four-year nursing degree program.

“We are working to put infrastructure in place with the nursing agreement,” Williams said.

The program is steadily being implemented with students expected to receive advising this summer and enrollments potentially beginning in the fall 2014 semester.

In February Emergency Medical Service programs at VGCC received a donated ambulance through the county.

The ambulance received nine years of use from the Vance County Fire and EMS department and was considered surplus property. Williams said it was a much-needed gift, and huge asset to EMS programs offered at the college.

“It’s a great tool for us moving forward,” Williams said.

A Vanguard Vision committee, comprised of 30 members of the VGCC community, recently held “meet and greet” sessions to engage students and staff, as they continue to develop plans for the college’s 2014-2019 strategic plan.

Working in collaboration with local solar panel manufacturer Semprius, students at the school have been working on a solar panel project. Williams said more information on the project will soon be provided.

Upcoming for the college will be a dinner theater on April 25-26, showcasing student success in conjunction with the N.C. Community College System’s 50th anniversary.

The VGCC Endowment Fund Golf Tournament will be held on May 7. Last year the tournament raked in the largest amount of funds in it’s history.

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