Daeke keeps eye on budget, wants unity pursuing goals

Sep. 18, 2013 @ 06:34 PM

Garry Daeke said when it comes to serving on the Henderson City Council, eyes must be vigilant to existing conditions, and eyes must be on the future.

Usually, that means a budget is being watched, too.

Daeke is running for re-election to the council’s Ward 3 seat. Early voting begins today and Election Day is Tuesday, Oct. 8.

Daeke has served four terms. As he campaigns for a fifth, he said joining efforts are vital for a city that has struggled with unemployment and lack of growth to the tax base.

“Right now, a big factor for the council is making sure all the facets of the community are working together in a collaborative process to make the community better for everybody,” Daeke said. “We need to be sure we’re working together toward the same goals.”

Quality of life is among his concerns.

“The performance hall is going to be very exciting,” Daeke said. “The city had several million invested early. The library is built, and the culmination will be the performance hall. It’s a heck of a return on investment.”

Property and homes are also investments, and Daeke calls 2016 a “phenomenally scary year with revaluation of properties.”

Daeke believes good leadership is pivotal on and beyond the City Council.

“We’re at the point in Henderson that we need to be very mindful of having people in our leadership positions, across the board, that are in it for the long haul, that are here to serve everybody, and that have a broad perspective of the issues and can use that to find long-term solutions to our problems,” Daeke said. “I think people with experience, over the many years of being involved, are those to be trusted and help foster relationships further in the community.”

Daeke was part of integration, going to Henderson High for two years and graduating with the first class of Vance Senior High. He went on to graduate from the University of North Carolina, worked in mental health for 15 years and with Smart Start the last 14.

“People have said I’m a voice of reason,” Daeke said. “I try to find solutions that work for both sides.

“I have experience working with diverse groups and issues. And I try to take that to city council meetings in terms of treating everybody fairly and equitably. I work hard at it. I read the materials we get. I try to add value to that.

“I’m very honored people have voted for me and allowed me to serve.”

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