Afternoon traffic on I-85 brought to a halt

Dec. 10, 2013 @ 09:59 PM

Northbound traffic on Interstate 85 was halted for about an hour on Tuesday afternoon due to an accident just south of the Parham Road overpass near exit 215.

A southbound tractor-trailer, loaded with farm equipment, crossed the median and came to rest across the northbound lane.

Northbound traffic came to a complete halt. Motorists arriving at the back of the halted vehicles were diverted via exit 214 along North Garnett Street to Satterwhite Point Road, where they could return to I-85.

Southbound traffic was slowed to a cautious pace but kept moving.

At press time, it was unclear if charges were pending against any drivers.

According to Lt. Alan Hedgepeth of the Henderson police, a 2000 GMC driven by William Clarence Harrison III of Manson and a 2007 Peterbilt tractor driven by Robert Paterson of Lena, Wis., were involved in a crash. Harrison’s vehicle was in the left lane, but changed lanes abruptly due to flares in the roadway. His deceleration led Paterson to slam on brakes, ultimately hitting Harrison’s vehicle. The 18-wheeler collided with two guardrails and came to rest on an embankment.

Police were dispatched at 2:12 p.m.

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