‘Ann of Green Gables’ auditions scheduled for Sunday, Monday

Jan. 24, 2013 @ 11:49 PM



Lakeland Theatre Company will hold auditions for “Ann of Green Gables” on Sunday and Monday. Shows are scheduled for April 26-28 and May 2-5. In addition, school day shows on May 2 may require actors to take a day off of work or school.

Living in Green Gables, Matthew Cuthbert and his sister, Marilla, try adopting a boy to help around the farm. However, the orphanage sends, Anne Shirley, a girl in her teens, by mistake. Matthew quickly connects with the girl, but Marilla is slow to warm up to her.

This production, directed by MaryAnn Whitemore, will be presented on the main stage.

The ages listed below refer to that of the character, not the actor. It is possible that a person may be cast outside of the character’s age range.

Attendees are asked to familiarize themselves with the story as these will be cold read auditions.




This production will need from 6-12 males and 12-18 females, teen through adult, and one child. Some characters include:

• Anne Shirley: An energetic dreamer who is hot-headed, speaks her mind, and talks entirely too much

• Matthew Cuthbert: A strong but silent older man who quickly falls to Anne’s charms

• Marilla Cuthbert: A stern, older woman who likes routine and dislikes surprises

• Rachel Lynde: A strict, blunt friend of Marilla’s who likes neat and proper things and people; the town busy-body

• Mr. Phillips: Avonlea school teacher who is enamored with his student Prissy Andrews

• Prissy Andrews: A schoolgirl studying to attend Queen’s Academy; the teacher’s pet

• Diana Barry: A schoolgirl who loves to dream who becomes Anne’s “bosom friend”

• Mrs. Barry: Diana’s mother who is strict and thinks all girls should be neat and proper at all times

• Minne May Barry: (female, 6-8) Diana’s little sister

• Moody MacPherson: The son of the train station owner who is also a schoolboy

• Gilbert Blythe: A schoolboy; he competes with Anne for the top student in school and for the best teaching job after school; he and Anne have difficulty showing their true feelings for each other

• Miss Susan Stacy: School teacher who encourages her students in their education

• Aunt Josphine Barry: Diana’s wealthy great aunt;takes a liking to Anne and supports her pursuit of higher education

• Mrs. Allan: The Reverend’s wife