Saving money at the pump

Morris F. White III, County Extension Director, Vance County
Sep. 14, 2013 @ 10:15 PM


Sky rocketing gas prices are affecting us all. Whether driving across town or across the state, we all want to save money at the pump and in our wallets. Regardless of the make and model, your car's estimated gas mileage is just that — an estimate. An important variable is how you fuel, drive, and maintain your car.

Adjusting Your Driving
• Stay close to the speed limit. Lower speeds provide greater fuel efficiency than higher speeds.

• Keep your car light by leaving heavier objects at home. The more weight that your car carries, the more fuel it needs.

• Use cruise control for long stretches on roads like freeways, except on hills.

• When traveling on the interstate try to avoid toll roads if possible. You don't have to pay the toll and you have fewer stops and starts if you do not have a toll pass.


• Plan your errands so you do not have to make multiple trips to the same general area during the week.

• Use the most fuel efficient vehicle you own.

• Coordinate errands with a neighbor; take turns driving to the grocery store.

• Make a list of what you need for the week to make the fewest trips possible.

Alternate Transportation

• Take public transportation or carpool.

• Ride a bicycle.

• Walk and enjoy the scenery

• Each of the above tips can help you save money when it comes to fueling your car. Using all of them together can really cushion your wallet and allow you to have more money for other areas of your life.

For more tips go to or visit the Vance County N.C. Cooperative Extension Office at 305 Young Street, Henderson.