North Vance and STEM students collaborate on paper airplane project

Apr. 18, 2013 @ 08:55 PM


Approximately 20 STEM program students received help from four Northern Vance High School seniors — Evan Fulcher, Eric Henderson, Morgan Hobgood and Grant Woltz — on an airplane challenge.

Working in groups of three or four, the students first designed, then constructed paper airplanes. The groups tested their creations to determine which models achieved the highest altitude and speed.

Following the competition’s conclusion, the groups and their “mentors” discussed possible improvements they could make to their designs.

Assisting students with this project were Connie Johnson, a Northern Vance science teacher, and Dr. Priscilla Chavis-Lockley, STEM program coordinator.

Northern Vance High School serves as the location for the STEM program, offering opportunities for its seniors to mentor students in the program.