Carver’s reading club celebrates 11th year

May. 06, 2013 @ 07:41 PM


Recently, Carver Elementary School’s One Step Above Reading Club conducted a luncheon at the school to commemorate its 11th year. The theme for this event was, “READ: Why Should I?”

The guest speaker for this event was Lt. Irvin Robinson of the Henderson Police Dept., who was accompanied by Officer Craig Thorpe. He encouraged club members reading as often as possible, stressing the importance of reading for overall academic performance, for understanding safety information and in filling out employment applications. He challenged members to write down all the books they had read during the past year and take stock of their lists. He and Thorpe conclude their presentation by shaking the hands of the attending members.

A picture session followed. Club members then received summer reading packages. The luncheon concluded with David Westbrook, school principal, and Marion B. Perry, club sponsor, delivering final remarks.

In addition to Robinson, Thorpe and Westbrook, the following individuals/groups made this program possible: Dorothy Perry, Melinda Hargrove, Pizza Inn and the Tokens of Love Program.

Club members strive to achieve these goals: to help each other comprehend what they are reading, to increase their reading levels, to develop critical thinking, to improve their vocabulary and spelling, to develop an appreciation for reading, and to come to the realization that reading is a skill that will help them in all areas of their lives.