Hospital tapped for expertise on lowering rates of infections, readmissions

Apr. 27, 2013 @ 07:51 PM


Partnership for Patients, a public-private partnership seeking to make hospital care safer and more affordable, has named Granville Health System a national leader in the prevention of infection and readmission rates. The partnership’s leadership team has identified the Granville Health System as a mentor hospital.

The health care provider has worked extensively on ways to prevent 10 separate hospital-acquired conditions and to lower their rate of readmissions. At the partnership’s request, Granville Health System will share its knowledge with other health care providers during regional and national events. Through webinars and on-site education sessions, it will lend its expertise and advice to other medical centers looking to improve their rates in these two areas.

Along with other participating hospitals, Granville Health System and the partnership hopes to reduce the number of preventable HACs by 40 percent and the rate of readmissions by 20 percent by the end of this year.