Daisette meeting includes presentation of meaning of Christmas

Jan. 21, 2013 @ 11:32 PM



The Daisette Youth Garden Club gathered for their monthly meeting on Dec. 13.

Each member recited a Bible verse for the devotion. They followed this with “Jingle Bells” and “Joy To The World.” Then the group repeated “A Garden Club Prayer” in unison.

Nyasia Miller, President, conducted the business session.

Members each reported on their grades, as well as any scholastic achievements or awards they had recently received.

Queen Debnam’s program concerned the meaning of Christmas. First, she asked each member what Christmas meant to them. Afterward, she read a story called “With the Birth of the Babe.”

The birth of the baby in Bethlehem marked the arrival of a great power — one that was stronger than force of arms and of greater worth than the coins of Caesar. He would become the King of Kings and Lord of Lords — the promised Messiah. The Christmas season is a time to celebrate the God’s gift of the Savior to the people of the world. His birth is more than just the symbol of a holiday.

Debnam also offered information concerning the nadina shrub, displaying the leaves and berries of the plant for members to see.

Following the conclusion of her presentation, the group decorated brown paper bags with Christmas cards, which were then filled with Christmas goodies to be given away.

Picked from Carroll’s own Christmas tree, each youth took home an ornament of their choice.

Club members sang “Happy Birthday” to Samayia Floyd.

The group adjourned the meeting with a recitation of the Youth Pledge.

In other club news, members participated in the ringing of the Salvation Army Bell at Walgreens Pharmacy on Dec. 20.