Pursue your purpose

Apostle Vanessa R Brooks, Founder of Word & Worship Sanctuary
Jul. 21, 2014 @ 11:27 AM

Recently I begin to really wonder and meditate on what my purpose and existence in the earth realm was.

I mean, why was I born? It is a question I’m sure many of us have pondered. Surely we are created to do more than go to work, buy homes and cars, and take vacations. As I slowly realized that my biological clock was ticking fast it became more and more apparent to me that at the age of 40-something my life was half over. That’s assuming I live the 70 years that God speaks of in the bible. I started a quest, a journey if you will, to discover, develop and execute my purpose for being on the earth. Now I am on a mission to help others discover theirs.

I began this journey meditating in the book of Genesis and was amazed that God loved us enough to create us in His likeness, in His own image (Genesis 1:27). From that passage of scripture, I concluded mankind was pretty special, and I wanted to know more about my specific purpose.

I clearly heard the Lord speak to my heart as he said He was calling me to serve His people. My purpose for being in the earth is to serve God’s people and help them develop a personal relationship with God the Creator and then help them discover their God given purpose.

Your purpose is unique and customized for you. God designed you as the irreplaceable, incomparable person who can accomplish your purpose.

I want every reader to embark on your own personal, purpose journey. As you travel your path, you will become empowered, uplifted, motivated and inspired to live life on purpose. God has placed each of us on the earth for a specified purpose. As you align yourself with God’s will and purpose for your life, it will awaken places of creativity and passion inside you that you didn’t realize were there.

Discovering your purpose takes time alone with God in prayer and time in His word.

I want to briefly share three steps in helping you discover your God-given purpose:

• Step one — You must be willing and able to love God and then love His people unconditionally.

• Step two — Your purpose must involve serving others. The central theme of the bible is Jesus living life as a servant. The bible records Jesus’ powerful words in Mark 10:45, “For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give His life a ransom for many.”

• Step three — Determine what is it you love to do, what is it you are good at and “ uniquely wired” to do (a verb or action word). Think about things that excite you, things that come naturally for you, things you are good at.

My prayer is that every reader will be inspired to pursue their reason for being born. There is nothing more rewarding than knowing what you are born to do. Pursuing your purpose will keep you focused and mature you. I encourage each of you to pray and ask the Lord to reveal to you what it is he has called you to do. Don’t be afraid or fearful. Don’t allow your past, your doubters, or your enemies to keep you from receiving all God has for you. Embrace this season of living life on purpose.

In a world where crime is at an all-time high, poverty is overwhelming, and the bills are piling up. Let us take some pleasure in knowing that God in His infinite wisdom hand-crafted us and put a special purpose on each our lives. Don’t delay; start the promise. Pursue your purpose!