Junior league to host inaugural ball

Dec. 22, 2012 @ 09:00 PM

For the 20th time since 1933, the Junior League of Raleigh will host the 2013 Inaugural Ball from Jan. 10-11, honoring the governor, lieutenant governor and the members of the Council of State.

Activities on Jan. 10 will include a first lady’s luncheon, the council of state reception and the Rock the Ball concert. The Governor’s Cocktail Reception, the Gala Presentation and the Inaugural Ball will all take place the next day (Jan. 11). Several of the state’s prominent musicians and entertainers will be on hand, and food will be prepared by guest chefs from across the state.

The Junior League of Raleigh is the only junior league in the country to host a governor’s inaugural ball. This year, all proceeds will benefit the Junior League’s Center for Community Leadership. As a training hub, the facility serves to advance the League’s mission: to train community leaders who will eventually make contributions in all facets of their lives, in their jobs, at home and in the community. The center provides training programs, meeting space and networking opportunities to its members, nonprofit staff and aspiring business and nonprofit leaders.

Ticket packages range from sponsorship packages to individual tickets. For more information, visit ncgovernorsball.org.