Daisy Garden Club: Perry discusses horticulture, Vollmer Farm during May meeting

Jun. 24, 2013 @ 07:27 PM


Patricia Holt served as the hostess for the May 20 meeting of the Daisy Garden Club, held at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Holt.

Arrangements of yellow and red roses from the hostess’ garden were displayed throughout the house.

Naomi Dixon led the devotion as attendees song the club’s song. After offering a prayer, Dixon read the poem “The Garden In Our Hearts” by Gina Laurin. Next, members sang “The More We Get Together.” Then, Sandra Dixon recited a poem she composed for the garden club entitled, “Daisy Garden Club Flowers Make You Feel So Wonderful.”

Following the devotion, Barbara Carroll, club president, conducted the business session. Correspondences, committee reports and the Daisette youth report were read.

Dorothy Perry presented a program on horticulture, defining it as the cultivation of plants for human use. Under this definition, all gardens are horticultures. Personal/social needs for horticulture include oxygen, clothing, medicine and food.

She described how fruits and vegetables are grown on Vollmer Farm, an organic farm in Bunn, explaining how farmers make use of planting potatoes in a keg in straw and vertical wall planting. The group was shown pictures of some of the vegetables and fruit grown on Vollmer Farm.

Vivian Bullock thanked the hostess and the meeting was adjourned.