Gatewood urging voter participation

Jul. 25, 2014 @ 09:15 AM

Desmera Gatewood has been assigned to the NAACP’s Vance County branch to assist with voter registration, NAACP membership, and youth, black and Latino voter participation as part of the association’s Moral Freedom Summer.

The Moral Freedom Summer honors the 50th anniversary of the Mississippi Freedom Summer, which sought to register African-American voters in Mississippi in 1964, and is part of the Forward Together Moral Movement, which opposes legislation that negatively affects the state’s poor and working-class population.

Gatewood is one of 50 organizers assisting with the Moral Freedom Summer. Her responsibilities will include canvassing voter registration and voter rights. She will also be involved with youth council advisor Vivian Bullock to highlight civil rights issues to the county’s young people.

For more information or to help register eligible voters, contact NAACP President Timothy Daye at (252) 492-9233 or Evelyn Mitchell, political action committee chairwoman, at (252) 492-6912.