Tips from the Vance County Parenting Task Force

Don’t let children ride in the back of trucks
Aug. 12, 2014 @ 09:30 AM


Children younger than 16 years old are prohibited from riding in open beds of pickup trucks and other open cargo areas without permanent overhead restraining construction.

Children younger than 16 are not prohibited if:

• An adult is present in the bed or cargo area and supervising the child.

• The child is secured or restrained by seat belt in compliance with the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards.

• An emergency situation exists.

• The vehicle is being operated in a parade.

• The vehicle is being operated in an agricultural enterprise, including providing transportation to and from the principal place of the agricultural enterprise.

Though technically legal, these exceptions are still not recommended.

The driver is responsible for all children younger than 16 years old and would receive the ticket and fine regardless of whether the child’s parent is present.