Leadership Vance graduates 16

Aug. 05, 2014 @ 12:48 PM

Leadership Vance Class of 2014 graduated 16 business leaders Monday, July 14. The graduation ceremony took place in the fellowship building at Central Baptist Church with Henderson-Vance Chamber of Commerce board chairwoman Jenny Hester and Chamber Membership Director Annette Roberson on hand to congratulate the leadership graduates.

Hester, on behalf of the Chamber’s board and staff, welcomed and congratulated the participants on completing the program.

Roberson commended the graduates for enriching their awareness of Henderson and Vance County’s community and business resources. She encouraged each of the participants to take the next step and get involved, taking an active leadership role, in the community.

Leadership Vance is a proactive program designed to help its participants learn about the infrastructure that drives Henderson. Under the direction of the Henderson-Vance Chamber of Commerce, Leadership Vance has been formed to develop year after year a pool of leaders that share a common knowledge and vision for the city.

Participants visit organizations and institutions across Henderson and Vance County. This allows them to seek a mutual understanding of the priorities and problems facing the community. Program participants will gain a broader understanding of the complexities that our diverse community represents. Participants will leave the program prepared to use the information and skills they will gain from this experience to be a leader in the community.

From the first meeting to the graduation ceremony, students are informed, engaged and encouraged to make a difference in their own personal, individual way. They visited organizations and institutions during the five-month period, challenging participants to listen, learn, teach, think and do with an expanded, broader vision of the paths to take to move the community forward and to better the quality of life for all its residents.

The goal of each session is to open the mind of each participant to the perspectives that surround the issue and, through thoughtful consideration of those perspectives, to enable participants to become visionary leaders in the community.

For more information about Leadership Vance, contact the Henderson-Vance Chamber of Commerce at (252) 438-8414.