Woodland Garden Club: Dabney Elementary students learn about ecology, recycling

Jan. 29, 2013 @ 12:43 AM


The Woodland Garden Club met with the students in Mrs. Wagner’s fourth grade at Dabney School on Jan. 8. Jeannette Metzger, club member, presented the program “Ecology/Recycle and Litter Control.” She was assisted by club members in defining recycling: the collection and processing of materials that would be thrown away but can be turned into new products.

Students watched a film detailing the journey of garbage from when the garbage man picking it up until it ends up either in the landfill or at the recycling center. Students responded to questions abut the process of garbage collection and recycling center.

She explained that in Vance County, Waste Industries collects trash from curbside, dumpsters and collection sites, which is taken to Person County landfill by trucks. The fee is paid by tax money. Waste Industries collects recyclables put into recycling containers and transports them by truck to Sunoco Recycle Center in Raleigh. Students were informed that certain items are not allowed in landfills, such as batteries, computers and oyster shells.

Students observed objects pulled from Metzger’s recycled container at her home: newspapers, used notebook paper, magazines, plastic bottles, junk mail, glass bottles, tin cans, plastic lids and cardboard boxes. She demonstrated how to put plastic bags from grocery stores into one bag until it is full. Then she explained that it is returned to the plastic bag recycle bin at stores participating in recycling.

Students were encouraged to look at their environment for ways to recycle and look for the EPA logo on recycling. They also learned the 3 R’s from the EPA: Reduce, Recycle, Reuse. Each student was encouraged to prevent littering by using a car litter bag given to them by club members. Each bag contained pencils, anti-litter coloring book, pamphlets, stickers and cards to report litter violations.

Next, the youth played a BINGO game with words related to recycling.

Following the program the Woodland Club Members met at the Ribeye Restaurant for the business meeting and luncheon. Vivian McIntyre, co-president, presided at the meeting with Trudy Tidwell as hosted. The devotional, “Happy New Year, this I Plead” was presented by Mary Jane Fink. She closed with this prayer.

The horticulture report was given by Betty Ayscue on pest control. The clubs Chapel committee, Katherine Moss and Carol Dorsey, reported they has placed new flower arrangements at Maria Parham Hospital and at the V. A. hospital in Durham.

The next meeting will be in February at the Vance County Senior Center. The program will be “Garden Therapy - Dish Gardens.” The meeting adjourned with Sylvia Esquivel receiving the hostess gift.