Literary club discusses book by Regis Philbin

Jan. 26, 2013 @ 08:24 PM


The Sorosis Club met Jan. 17 at the home of Anna Hannon. A dessert course was served to the 16 members present.

Jane Fleming, president, conducted the business session. The minutes were read and approved. The treasurer’s report was read. The father of the two children that the club helped at Christmas wrote the club to express their thanks. This message was read at the meeting. Fleming named Anna Hannon, Tempe Riddle and Susan Faulkner to a nominating committee for the new year.

Marietta Noel introduced Linda Wells, who presented a program continuing the year’s theme, “People and Their Stories.” She gave a review of a book by Regis Philbin, “How I Got This Way.” In it, he expresses his life story through conversations he’s had with celebrities. He mentioned 30 people he had known through his 50 years in radio and television.

Saturday night television programing was just the beginning. He became second fiddle to Joey Bishop. One night he was sent into the audience asking young people what their dreams for the future were. He placed the mike before a young man who became frozen by the lights, audience and cameras. Some 40 years later, Regis and his wife, Joy, went to a movie premier. The producer wanted them to meet the movie director. It was Stephen Spielburg, the young person who froze. Regis decided that he picked the right one after all.

Regis was raised in New York City. His father wanted him to attend Notre Dame University. Regis graduated and later became a staunch supporter of the school. Regis would go on to win five Emmys and earn a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

The club will meet again on Feb. 21, with Norma Irvine, hostess.