Garden therapy comes to senior center, courtesy of Woodland Garden Club

Mar. 07, 2013 @ 08:05 PM


Elmira Choopani (Vu), co-president, called the Feb. 12 meeting of the Woodland Garden Club, hosted by Betty White, to order.

Sarala Reddy presented the devotional, “To Be Happy, Play in Dirt.”

Peggy Polak presented the horiticulture report, “Time to Plant Now.” She advised that seed potatoes, not cooking potatoes, should be planted now. Other cool season vegetables that should be set out during February include transplants of cabbage, broccoli and collards. Vegetables like beets, carrots, mustard, radish, English pear, leaf lettuce and turnips should be seeded during the month. She advised not to plant large batches of vegetables from the outset.

Carol Dorsey presented “Dish Gardening,” a garden therapy program, with help from other club members, to residents at the Vance County Senior Center. The seniors were instructed to fill an old pottery dish with an inch of gravel; and place moist potting soil over top to about 1/2 inch below the rim, leaving room for planting English ivy, purple passion or ferns. Pink and red Valentine hearts were added as a finishing touch. The residents were able to take their gardens with them after the program.

After wishing both Choopani and Judy Campbell happy birthday, the meeting adjourned.

Butterfly Tip of the Month — The female butterfly may be found with either yellow or black tiger stripes like the male in the black form with a similar pattern. Specimins in the southern part of the country tend to have the darker coloration.