Daisy Garden Club: Rock gardens, available in full size and miniature (indoor)

Dec. 26, 2012 @ 11:33 PM

The Daisy Garden Club held its Nov. 26 meeting at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Price. Bernice Price played hostess.

Various potted plants, such as the corn plant enhanced the living room.

Barbara Carroll, president, led the devotion with the group singing the club’s song. Then she read a poem, “A Sure Way to a Happy Day,” by Helen Steiner Rice, followed with prayer.

Following the devotion, Carroll conducted the business session. A report submitted from the Daisette Youth Club was given.

Afterward, Price presented a program called “Starting a Rock Garden in Your Yard.” She took the members through the process step by step:

1) Remove any brush, bushes, or undergrowth in the area. At the same time, shape the area in preparation for the addition of stone, plants and mulch. The key is to create an edge by separating the lawn from the bed space.

2) Choose and mark out a design.

3) Select a variety of stones — including different shapes, sizes and colors. Even if delivering them by oneself, unload smaller stones first, be careful and ask for assistance when actually unloading them.

4) Install boulders first and foremost, using crowbars and stone shims to roll them. Create a footing to set each one in to give them a more natural look.

5) Choose plants suited for the local climate. Select plants with multiple textures.

6) Create a simulated river, using juniper bushes, small boulders and riverbed stone. Position the junipers using a combination of peat moss and fertilizer at the top and slowly work down. Then dig out the river bed by following the line of flowers. To create a natural waterflow, set small boulders in footing along and in the river bed. (These should be chosen at the quarry specifically for the purpose.) Lastly, place the small river bed stone (laying down landscape fabric first, if there is a lot of undergrowth or roots in that area).

Price concluded that rock gardens could be created inside one’s home by using vases or glass containers filled with rocks and sand. Those who take on this project can watch their plants grow throughout the winter months.

A rock garden using a glass dish with a jade plant and another in a vase containing English ivy planted in it (both created by Price) were on display.

Vivian Bullock thanked the hostess and the meeting adjourned.