FSA announces Vance-Warren County Committee election results

Jan. 31, 2013 @ 08:09 PM



Christeen Crudup, executive director of the Vance-Warren County Farm Service Agency, recently announced that vacant seats on the agency’s committee had been filled.

As of Jan. 1, Joel Simon Harris of Watkins is now representing Local Administrative Area 2 for Vance County while Raeford Pernell of Afton serves Local Administrative Area 3 for Warren County, both for three-year terms.

Harris and Pernell will join Dale Reese, Calvin Seaman, Thomas Shaw and John Skinner on the committee.

First alternates — Sylvia C. Cawthorne (Vance) and James E. Davis (Warren) — and second alternates — Harold J. Thompson, Sr. (Vance) and Wadie C. Ryan (Warren) — will serve in the absence of the elected members for a three-year term. They may also be called upon to fill the unexpired term of the committee member.

According to Crudup, committee elections take place annually. First local farmers and ranchers make nominations. Elections were conducted from Nov. 5-Dec. 3. On Dec. 5, the results were tallied by county office employees.

Candidates must be residents and eligible to vote in county elections within the county or local administrative area they will be representing.

Their duties will include:

• disseminating information to farmers about agency programs;

• updating the state committee on local conditions;

• recommending necessary changes to farm programs;

• attending county meetings when needed; and

• performing any other duties assigned by the state committee.

The committee conducted an organizational meeting Jan. 16, at 8:30 a.m., at the Vance-Warren County Farm Service Agency Office, 853 S. Beckford Dr., Suite B, Henderson. During this meeting, Pernell was appointed committee chairman while Thomas Shaw was selected as vice-chairman.

Committee meetings are open to the public.