Yancey, Rollins students qualify for Talent Identification Program

Jan. 14, 2013 @ 11:41 PM


The Talent Identification Program, available to elementary-age children through Duke University, gives students opportunities for enrichment studies and on-campus enrichment activities. Participants qualify for the program based on their outstanding academic achievements. (Right) From E.M. Rollins Elementary, qualifying students include (from left) Elijah Hawkins, Kris Juengling and Racheal Whittacre, all fourth graders; and Tyrese Richardson and JaMontaque Bullock, both fifth graders. (Below right) Students from L.B. Yancey Elementary qualifying for participation include (from left) Jonathan Ruiz Vargas, a fifth grader, and Jasmine Alvarado and Luis Hernandez, both fourth graders.