Jackson Hewitt urges taxpayers to start early, despite delay

Jan. 12, 2013 @ 07:20 PM


The Internal Revenue Service announced Tuesday that it will delay accepting all 2012 e-file and paper tax tax returns by eight days to Jan. 30.


Despite the new filing date, taxpayers can (and should) start having their tax returns prepared. According to Thomas Payne of Jackson Hewitt Tax Service, the delay will have no effect on the company’s readiness or ability to serve clients. Moreover, the delay reinforces the necessity of working with a professional tax preparer to properly handle returns.

The tax preparation service has updated all of its systems and software; those ready to begin the filing process can stop by Jackson Hewitt, begin their return and have everything finalized for the IRS acceptance date.

The IRS anticipates that 90 percent of refunds will be issued within 21 days, and the sooner taxpayers file their returns, the sooner they will get their refunds (despite the filing delay).

Most taxpayers will be able to file returns on Jan. 30, including tax payers who itemize deductions and claim the sales tax deduction. Taxpayers who claim an energy credit, depreciation or business credits will be delayed until late February.

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