Carver Elementary names winners of Black History Trivia Contest

Mar. 15, 2013 @ 08:49 PM


On Feb. 28, third- and fifth-grade students from Carver Elementary School participated in a Black History Trivia Contest.

Sponsored by the Tokens of Love Program, students were asked questions pertaining to both past and present African-American pioneers. This year the list of questions included trivia concerning local individuals who are the first in their field.

Patricia Harris and David Stuckey, teachers at Carver, asked the questions for the third- and fifth-grade contestant, respectively. Coach Randy Oxendine acted as timekeeper and officiated the contest.

The purpose of this contestant was to have the children: seek out and follow positive role models; be encouraged to believe in themselves and strive to perform at their best; and participate in a fun, competitive and informative activity.

The school’s Black History Committee and WalMart also lent their support to this contest.